• Digital Vision Boards

    We specialize in creating digital vision board collections for your desktop and mobile backgrounds. A vision board can make what is true in your heart real in your mind, so you start believing that your dreams are possible.

  • Seasonal Collections

    We purposefully create our collections to arrive every season. Seasons make us feel nostalgic for the meaningful memories we have with the people we love. The images and colors on the image boards can invoke feelings of coziness and new beginnings as the seasons change.

  • Custom-Designs

    The background images in each new collection are carefully crafted and designed to work together. Use the slideshow option on your desktop and lock-screen to rotate and see the different image boards. Each season also has coordinating mobile wallpapers.

  • More Coming Soon!

    More items for your workspace are coming this month. Coffee Mugs, Mouse Pads, Notebooks, Cozy Sweatshirts, and more. (Instagram, PowerPoint, and other digital templates will arrive later this year.)

Our History

  • ADOUBLEM BEGAN as a business concierge for small to medium businesses. During this early phase, Adoublem managed operations, staff, branding, and graphic/digital designs for clients. Over the years, Adoublem's passion and business grew in the design and branding sector. Today, this is Adoublem's main focus.

    DESIGN SERVICES: Website Design | Executive Sales Presentations | Branding & Logos | Social Media | Complex Brochures & Booklets | Creative Flyers | Corporate Binder & Business Covers.

  • Introducing Ana + Grace

    Introducing Ana + Grace

    As Adoublem's business grew, they created an online shop and blog specifically designed for women entrepreneurs. When this part of their business took off, they divided the business into two areas, creating Ana + Grace as their official retail store and blog.

    • Ana + Grace's parent company is Adoublem (pronounced "A double m").

      The name Adoublem comes from the initials of its owner: Anita Maggio Mazurek (initials "AMM" or "a-double-m"). When Anita got married, she kept her maiden name as a middle name. She was marrying into a large all-American family (that she loves!), but her own family was small, close and very special to her. At heart, she was a "Maggio", daughter of immigrant parents from Italy. And she shared her last name with her sister Maria, her best friend and only sibling. She did not want to leave her family name behind. When she created Adoublem, she played around with ideas and thought about the different experiences in life that gave her the desire and passion to launch her business. Lessons learned and experiences that happened as a Maggio, and later, as a Mazurek. Her initials, "AMM," now known as Adoublem, included the best of both!

      In line with Adoublem, when Anita wanted to name Adoublem's new online shop and blog, she decided to stay close to home. She chose Ana because Ana is a derivative of the name Anita (though some believe Anita is actually a diminutive of Ana). And Grace, because the definition or meaning of the name Anita (and Ana) is full of grace, or just Grace.

    • We like to think of Ana + Grace as women just like all of us. Women who are passionate, hard working, and trying their very best.

      ANA is spontaneous, energetic, and has a successful writing career. She cares about the people she interacts with. She can care too much. She's close to her family, and is the main caregiver for her parents, who live a few miles away. She is the best friend her friends are so grateful for, and the friend everyone else wishes they had. Ana is the first person you call, whether it's good or bad news. She has fears and worries, but at the core, she believes in herself, and has no plans of stopping now.

      GRACE is a confident, natural leader who is inspiring and kind. She motivates people by lifting them up, not bringing them down. Her favorite thing is being mom to her two children. With practice, she has found balance in her life now. She has a successful design business, while also being present to her family and friends. She's at peace and content. It wasn't always this way though. She had to work hard to get the life she has, but she made working on herself a priority, and it shows.

      IN REALITY, we all have a little Ana and a little Grace's story in us. Plus a whole lot more. At Ana + Grace, we're here to help you reach your uniquely 'you' goals, and help you experience joy in the journey.

    Success will not come if you are standing still.

    People have asked me what is the most important thing they should do to start or grow their business. Regardless of how overwhelmed you feel (remember it's just a feeling), how much training you feel you still need to complete, or the fact that you don't know everything, the most important thing you need to do is take action. Move forward. There is so much truth to the quote “The path unfolds as I take the steps”. Success will not come if you are standing still. Don't get stuck trying to be “perfect” and trying to do everything right while your business slips through your fingers. -AMM

    If You Don't Build Your Dream, Someone Will Hire You to Help Build Theirs. -Tony A. Gaskins

    • The twists and turns of life. When we are in our 20s, we may have a plan of what we want to accomplish in our lifetime, but life has a way of twisting and turning, doesn’t it?

      The truth is life doesn’t typically go as planned. Too many people feel “stuck” in their life, most especially stuck in a job or career that’s not going anywhere, or worse, that doesn’t fit in with who they truly are.

      Many work for abusive or untalented bosses, feeling like they are wasting their life away. They are left feeling hopeless, unsure of what to do about it. Here’s the truth…you can decide today to change your thinking and start walking in the direction of your future – the future you are supposed to live.

      It is a choice. This notion will not resonate with everyone. That’s okay. Some people will say the risk is too high, and others will try, then give up at the first sign of trouble. I don’t blame them, this is scary stuff. But if working for yourself is what you want to do, don’t let fear talk you out of it.

      My work experience comes from the corporate world, district retail management, and being an entrepreneur. These experiences taught me how to lead & motivate a team, how to sell, how to market a business, and most importantly, how to treat employees and customers the right way. I learned what allows some leaders to succeed and what makes others fail.

      I was lucky to learn from those who did it right. My career went through several twists and turns – sometimes it was exhilarating and sometimes devastating. After one of the devastating times, I started Adoublem and Ana + Grace, and I haven’t looked back (well, maybe just a peek).

    Our blog: Topics we write about.

    • Does your brand reflect you?

      A brand is so much more than your logo or the colors you decide to use. It’s about the way people feel when they interact with you.

      What does a customer think about your business when they look at your website or your social media pages? Is your company representing what you’re trying to say to the world? Why do you think someone would come back to your website? Who are your competitors and why are you the better choice? When you take a step back and look at your whole business, whether you’re an entrepreneur, blogger or both – does your brand reflect you? If not, it’s time to make a change. How many times do we go to a website and the most important thing we’re looking for is not there, anywhere? Know the key points you need to have on your site. Do your customers feel appreciated? How you handle the small details of your business (such as listening to & thanking your customers) speaks loudly about you and your brand.

    • Management and Leadership

      Does it bother you to go in a store and hear the sales person say “we can’t do that” or just “I don’t know”, without trying to help you? I’ll let you in on a little secret – this is never the employee’s fault. All business owners and leaders are responsible for getting results and moving their business forward. If it’s you in charge, you owe it to those around you to know what you’re doing. And what about the way we treat each other? I am passionate about this topic, and I hope you are too. I believe it is important to treat people well in every area of your life. As a leader, it is important to empower people, not break them down. People work best when they are valued, and when they can create, contribute and be who they are. This makes all the difference. This applies to how you treat your audience, freelancers, vendors and service providers. What goes around comes around.

    • Helpful Tools & Tips

      There are many great resources out there for growing your business and taking it to the next level. But you can easily spend thousands of dollars taking courses and still get nowhere with your business. That’s because there is so much information it can be overwhelming.

      Bottom line, you must take action. Courses and information are important, but too much information can debilitate you and provide you with excuses to do nothing (or this is what I’ve heard). :-) You’ll need to take what you learn and apply it even if you don’t feel 100% ready. Be yourself and trust your instincts – I bet you already know what you should be doing.

    • Being an Entrepreneur

      In this section, you’ll find stories that are more personal about the day-to-day life of being an entrepreneur. It’ll include the ups & downs, doubts, successes, fears, and everything in between. I will share my attempts to live a more balanced life, because when you work for yourself, you sometimes have to stop working and be present in your life.

      Of course, we can’t forget to talk about what it’s like to live life, following your passion, and being a creative entrepreneur. It’s simple to list what needs to be done, but it’s much harder to get it done. Working for yourself is an amazing thing, but I often say no one sees the tears, sweat, and incredible hard work that goes into this.

    + Ana + Grace + Ana + Grace +

    Life Lessons, and Random Musings

    A while back, I was reminiscing about working in an office environment and how I missed the regular chitchat that would go on.

    • I was often on the run at the time, but my coworkers and I always fit in a little TV conversation or exchanged information about our newest fashion or makeup find. I knew about their families and celebrated their birthdays. We also talked about problems and solutions, which made us better at our jobs. It was part of connecting at work, and I realized that working for myself didn’t have this anymore.

    • (The other giveaway was seeing my husband's face after a long discussion about why the Bobbi Brown lip gloss I just bought was far superior to the regular lip balm I used before.) Lightbulb! Why couldn’t we virtually connect like this? Come and share your entrepreneurial tips or favorite recipes (cocktails included!). I’m excited to share my favorite things with you too.

    How often do we post?

    We usually post once a week, sometimes a little more. You can expect to see brief video trainings in the future. Please sign-up for updates so you don’t miss anything. We are so glad you stopped by! Please share your thoughts and comments – we look forward to learning more about you!